Gafcon’s Evolution to Digital Twin

From Gafcon’s pioneering use of technology to what lies ahead

In this video, John Turner discusses the digital twin technology principles and strategies that lead to more efficient, safe, higher-quality, lower-cost, and faster delivery of construction projects.

Such gains are achieved in large part by identifying repeatable elements in the building process and packaging all attribute data, down to specifications and operating manuals, into a single assembly, then digitally repeating each such component wherever it occurs in the project, eliminating manual redrawing and recompiling of common information and expediting the design process.

The digitization of all details and data in a standard form accessible to all project stakeholders also reduces the time to prepare submittals and reduces risk by eliminating the human error that comes from manual repetition.

Even existing facilities can benefit from digitization, by developing a digital twin and associating all the data into that model, providing a single turnkey repository supporting building operations and maintenance and extending the building’s lifecycle.

Gafcon Digital’s Vice President of Innovative Solutions describes the ever-growing benefits of technology in the built environment, and how Gafcon consultants use BIM both as a technology as well as an approach to the entire construction program process.

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