Digital Twin Consortium

Inside the Digital Twin Maturity Model for Real Estate and Construction

What is your Infrastructure Digital Twin Maturity?

John Turner and Salla Eckhardt hosted a live presentation and released the whitepaper at Digital Twin Consortium.

Digital twin projects in infrastructure require a maturity model that defines the succession of destinations on the journey. Toward that end, the Infrastructure Working Group of the Digital Twin Consortium developed a roadmap, using a digital maturity model, specifically focused on applying a digital twin to infrastructure projects.

The Infrastructure Industry Maturity Model enables organizations to measure and monitor their maturity more easily. It helps organizations understand where they are in their digital twin journey, set their initial destination, and get assistance along the way. The paper and accompanying webinar detail the five categories that are particularly applicable to infrastructure digital twin projects:

1. Organizational Structure
2. Organizational Performance
3. The Evolution of the Digital Thread
4. The Integration of Business Functions
5. The Use of Catalog and Repeatable Design and Construction Elements

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